Mark Bailey

Owner    Lead Investigator    Co-ordinator     Researcher 

The owner and lead investigator of Powys Paranormal. I first got interested in the paranormal from a young age due to living in houses with high levels of spiritual and demonic activity. I had many experiences, pushed down the stairs, punched ,bitten ( I still have the scar from the bite) knocking on doors, footsteps running up flights of stairs and apparitions. I have previously ran a small paranormal team in the north of Scotland where we investigated some famous sites. What I love most about investigating is no two sites are the same and no two experiences are the same, you just never know what will happen and the thrill that comes from fighting the fear and staying to film instead of running when all around you spirits are making themselves known is just an amazing feeling. I am happy and very proud of the team I have put together with Powys Paranormal and I know that this team will, one day be leaders in the field of paranormal investigations within Wales and hopefully further still.

Zoe Smithson

Investigator        Researcher

I have always been fascinated by the paranormal, wether it be ghosts or aliens. I have had an experience where I felt the touch of hands which were not human and was told they were my Guardian Angels. So I definitely believe in life after death. I have yet to see a Ghost but keen to see one and find out what else is out there that we don't know about yet. Since joining the Team I have felt my confidence grow and I love working with them all to investigate new places and encourage the public to join in too.

Linda Whyman

Investigator     Researcher

I have been interested in the paranormal ever since I was a kid
I had many strange events happen to me
Our house was built on an old railway line
We use to hear noises, different smells of oil/perfume but the strangest thing was when I opened my bedroom door blood splattered down my face, well as you can imagine as a 8 year old child I completely freaked out.
My father said it was a spider but there was no evidence of any spiders/ flies
To this day it still intrigued me
Then when my frank passed he came back to speak to me as clear as day(I was 12) and I constantly know he’s with me now as I can smell the oil on his hands and overalls (he was a mechanic)
I love the team I am with as we always look for explanations of what has happened on our investigations, and they are like my extended family

Tracy Auld

Investigator  Researcher

Darren Langley

Camera Operator


Emf Doll

Martha is an Emf doll, also known as an electrostatic trigger object. She is used in our Investigations as a paranormal ghost hunt tool. Proving popular with Children Spirits and a fascination to our Guests.  She is made with a new body but her head is from an old china doll, with history!


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