The Castle  Inn, Knucklas,


Saturday 11th May 2019

As soon as we walked into the Castle Inn we knew that this was going to be one of the best locations that we had investigated to date! Even before we held our preliminary investigation the spirit of Anne, A late maid, made herself known to us and what a character she was!! Both on the preliminary investigation and the public ghost hunt Anne was making us laugh from start to finish. Again we had the usual mix of friendly spirits and children who were more than happy to communicate with u and we also had the privilege of assisting some of these spirits to cross over .

Such a wonderful evening hosted by two of the loveliest  hosts that we could ask for. We will be returning to the Castle Inn some time this year to continue the fun and laughs and to share this with more members of the public.

The Dragons Back


Saturday 20th April 2019

The Dragons back was a brilliant investigation where we had some lovely spirits communicating with us from young children to playful adults.

We also made contact with some not so friendly entities who wanted us to leave.!

A truly amazing  place with plenty of activity.

The Red Lion Inn

Llanfihangel Nant Melan, New Radnor

Saturday 23rd March 2019

When we first visited this venue, we knew we were in for a real treat! It is an extremely active place, we managed to communicate with 4 spirits within an hour of walking around. Not all the spirits were nice. During our prelim we had a very nasty one which we worked tirelessly to move the spirit on before the public investigation as it would have been dangerous to bring the public into such a negative and nasty spirit. The public investigation was still very active with a very stubborn ghost that would not allow any other spirits communicate. It was a bit challenging at times but we managed to have fun and enjoy the night. We will definitely be going back!

Caer Beris, Builth Wells

Saturday 24th November 2018

With Powys Paranormal the first team to investigate this building it did not disappoint. Wow! what a venue this was! with an outstanding 18 guests, this establishment exceeded our expectations. With plenty of action on glass tipping and learning a new technique called human pendulum. This was a very active and successful evening. We hope to visit again soon. Take a look at the footage we captured from this eventful evening below.

The Albert Hall, Llandrindod Wells

27th October 2018

The Albert Hall always seemed like a promising venue to investigate and it didn't disappoint !

With loud thumps, footsteps and even direct communication from both friendly and not so friendly entities, this is a venue that we will happily investigate again.

Here's the footage from the investigation:

The Old Black Lion

Hay on Wye

22nd February 2020

The Usk inn, Talybont

Saturday 26th January 2019

With our first investigation down this way it was a huge success. With a mixture of good and angry spirits this venue was full of activity! This was also our first investigation where we sold out! All 15 tickets sold! With guests and the team hearing knocks, being tapped and feeling extremely cold to the point of hypothermia. This was a fantastic investigation and we hope to be visiting again soon. Link to our footage will be up shortly.

Phoenix Furniture, Newtown

September 15th 2018

Phoenix Furniture as a site looks like any other retail outlet, semi modern design, Commercial look and feel, but as we all know within the paranormal community, looks can be deceiving.

The site itself was once part of the grounds to St David's church located just behind Phoenix Furniture but the church decided that the grounds would be put to better use as a school house that served he local community. 

The school was eventually demolished  and replaced with the building you see today.

The investigation itself was really interesting and bared surprising fruit.

Heres the footage we caught: .


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